Stone House

A Recording Studio, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Stone House is a recording studio in Grand Rapids Michigan. We specialize in music production and recording and also offer audio for film, tv, radio, video games, and voiceover. 

Stone House Open House!

We're having an open house to show off the new studio! May 22nd, 4-8PM, we'll be showing all the renovations, new gear and celebrating the new Stone House. We partnered with our buds at Dizzybird Records who lined up Cool Ghouls and I Believe In Julio to play in the live room after the open house. 

Cocktails by Grayskies Distillery (get there early)

Beers by Greyline Brewing

Grilling out in the parking lot before the show. Come on out!


Michigan House/SXSW/Cat Footwear/Art Prize at Stone House

We had the pleasure of working with Michigan House on a series of sessions with some of Michigan's best bands. Flint Eastwood, ONEFREQ, The Go Rounds, Stef Chura and Michigander each recorded one song at Stone House and will be featured at SXSW at a Michigan House showcase. In addition, the recordings will be an entry in this years Artprize, the nation's largest art competition. The series was sponsored by Cat Footwear, who also sponsored the showcase at SXSW. Read more at Footwear Plus Magazine

Photo by Shack at Good Pals

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